Beneteau True Stories Series

As Beneteau commemorates its 140th anniversary this year, it's not just about honoring the past, but also embracing the future of maritime innovation and passion. This milestone marks a journey of bold initiatives, enduring passion, and triumphs, inviting owners, future owners, partners, and sailors to join in the celebration throughout the year.

In this special year, Beneteau is set to host a series of events, races, challenges, regattas, owner gatherings, and factory meet-ups. These occasions will serve as opportunities to unite and script new chapters in the collective story of Beneteau.

One highlight of the anniversary festivities is the recently launched 'Beneteau True Stories' series, a compelling web series designed to immerse viewers into the heart of the Beneteau world. Through firsthand accounts, insightful analyses, and more, this series offers a unique glimpse into the inner workings of the renowned Vendée-based company. Proud of its illustrious history yet actively steering towards the future, Beneteau opens its doors to share the stories that have shaped its legacy.

The inaugural episode of the True Stories series, titled "Jean-François Lair: The American Adventure," offers a captivating narrative of Beneteau's expansion into the United States. Jean-François Lair, the brand director, takes viewers on a journey through the challenges and triumphs of embracing the American boating culture.

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