Celebrating World Ocean Day: Soproyachts Partner Brands at the forefront of Marine Sustainability

World Ocean Day, celebrated every June 8th, is a worldwide initiative to highlight the crucial role oceans play in our ecosystem, and to encourage efforts for marine environment protection. For Soproyachts, this day underscores our partner brands' dedication to sustainability and their efforts to protect our oceans.

Beneteau: Pioneering Sustainable Boating

Under the guidance of Erwan Faoucher, the Research & Innovation Director, Beneteau is revolutionising boat manufacturing with environmentally friendly materials and technologies. The introduction of Elium® resin and Iro-Deck, an alternative to teak, marks a significant step towards reducing the environmental impact of their boats.

Additionally, Beneteau is investing in hybrid propulsion systems, which promise lower emissions and improved fuel efficiency.

More info: www.beneteau.com/interview/sustainable-boating-beneteau

Fountaine Pajot: Striving for Carbon Neutrality

The Fountaine Pajot Group has set an ambitious goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Their strategic plan focuses on minimising environmental impact through waste reduction, energy consumption control, and the promotion of low-carbon mobility.

From launching multiple onboard energy management and production systems (Eco Cruising, Smart Cruising, Smart Electric, and Smart Hydro) to designing the first hydrogen-powered catamaran, Fountaine Pajot is exploring multiple options.

More info: www.fountaine-pajot.com/en/setting-sail-for-a-low-carbon-future

Williams Jet Tenders: Committing to Climate Positive Operations

Williams Jet Tenders is making significant strides towards a climate-positive business model. Their sustainability strategy is guided by four of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which include building resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainable industry, fostering innovation, and taking urgent action against climate change.

By focusing on responsible consumption and production, Williams Jet Tenders designs products with longevity and sustainability in mind. The company is dedicated to tracking its performance against decarbonisation plans, with a clear objective of achieving Net Zero emissions as soon as possible.

More info: www.williamsjettenders.com/sustainability

FIM: Innovating with Recycled Materials

In cooperation with CBS and Recarbon, FIM debuted the 440 Regina yacht last year, showcasing sustainable innovation. This vessel utilizes technology developed by Recarbon and incorporates recycled carbon fiber from the aeronautical industry.

Built at FIM's state-of-the-art facility in Cividate al Piano, this project highlights the potential for sustainable materials in yacht manufacturing. The 440 Regina represents a significant milestone in FIM’s journey towards more eco-friendly boating solutions.

More info: www.barchemagazine.com/en/fim-440-regina-sustainability-cbs-recarbon

World Ocean Day serves as a vital reminder of our responsibility to protect the oceans that are integral to our planet’s health. Soproyachts is proud to partner with brands like Beneteau, Fountaine Pajot, Williams Jet Tenders, and FIM, who are at the forefront of marine sustainability. Their innovative approaches and unwavering commitment to reducing environmental impact inspire us all to contribute towards a more sustainable future for our oceans.