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Boat for sale:  Algarve  Sessa C68 Yacht Line

Sessa C68

1.600.00 EUR

Boat for sale:  Algarve  Sessa C44 Yacht Line

Sessa C44

440.000 EUR

Boat for sale:  Algarve  Sessa C48 Yacht Line

Sessa C48

540.000 EUR

Boat for sale:  Algarve  Sessa Fly 45 Yacht Line

Sessa Fly 45

560.000 EUR

Boat for sale:  Algarve  Sessa Fly 54 Yacht Line

Sessa Fly 54

930.000 EUR

Boat for sale:  Algarve  Sessa Fly 40 Yacht Line

Sessa Fly 40

375.000 EUR

Boat for sale:  Algarve  Sessa C42 Yacht Line

Sessa C42

360.000 EUR

Boat for sale:  Algarve  Sessa C38 Cruiser Line

Sessa C38

260.000  EUR

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Boat for sale:  Algarve  Dufour 525

Dufour 525  | 2009

200.000 EUR

The 525 is the flagship of the cruising series that Dufour calls its Grand' Large line, with seven models starting at 32 feet. It's also the winner of the Full-Size Cruisers category in Cruising World's 2009 Boat of the Year contest. A unique cruising concept for comfortable and secure live-aboard long-term blue-water cruising. Yet still offering a dynamic sailing performance combined with the recent Dufour's renowned style and elegance.

Boat for sale:  Algarve  Hunton Boat 1004 RIB

Hunton Boat 1004 RIB  | 2008

49000 EUR

Boat for sale:  Algarve  Comar Comet 45

Comet 45  | 2004

169.000 EUR

Great High Performance Cruiser, Sandwich Construction, Built by the Comar Shipyard in Italy to Designs from the renown Vallicelli & Co.

Boat for sale:  Algarve  Astondoa 43GLX

Astondoa 43GLX  | 2002

165000 EUR

Boat for sale:  Algarve  Colvic Craft Trawler 39

Colvic Craft Trawler  | 1983

99.000 EUR

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